Test Automation

End Of Line Testers
In-Process Testers
Leak Testers
Universal Testers
Electrical/Electronic Components Testing
Interior Components Testing
Custom Test Automation

End of Line Testers (EOL)

EOL test systems energize, measure and validate the functionality of products at the end of the manufacturing process with a focus on electronic control modules, mobility of mechanical systems and characteristics of electrical/electronic parts. Today’s manufacturing environment stresses the importance of having a flexible test platform to help customers deal with the growing complexity of system components and the relevance of high test throughput, test completeness, and low system and upgrade costs.

Falcon’s custom EOL test platforms have versatile capabilities which verify the functionality and performance of  individual and/or modular components of the units under testing.

In-Process Testers

In-Process Testers are testing platforms incorporated into an existing manufacturing process. Their role is to verify the functionality of components or modular assemblies at various steps during the manufacturing process in order to ensure every part of a product is manufactured to its specifications. In-Process Testers are seamlessly integrated in an existing manufacturing process and have the capabilities of testing, monitoring and tracking units under testing.

Leak Testers

Falcon designs and builds standard and custom Leak Testers for various industries: automotive, defense, aerospace, medical, construction, appliances, food and beverage. Leak Testing is critical to ensuring proper product quality, safety and performance. Differential pressure decay, bubble test, vacuum decay, mass flow and helium leak, are some of the most common methods used in leak testing applications for:

– Power Steering Motor and Pump
– Fuel Pump
– Water Pump
– Transmission Casting
– Hydraulic Pump
– Engine Final Assembly
– Fluid Reservoirs
– Clutch Casting
– Fuel Tank
– Steering Wheel
– Glass or Plastic Pharmaceutical Bottle
– Hydraulic or Pneumatic Connectors
– Camshaft Cover
– Wheel Rims
– Brake Caliper and Cylinder
– Ball Valve Shell
– Manifolds
– Hot-Runner Hydraulics

Universal Testers

Universal testers are testing platforms that can be utilized for a wide range of requirements and different types of units under test without complex reconfiguration and reprogramming and can be used in development, test and serial production:
– Electromechanical testing systems used for static testing in a tensile or compression configuration built in one frame.
– Static Hydraulic Testing Systems used for tension and compression applications.
– Burn in Racks
– High/Low Potential Testers
– Benchtop Testers
– Suitcase Testers

Electrical/Electronic Components Testing

Increasingly sophisticated controllers and software demand tools equal to the task.  Electrical/Electronic Components Testers can accommodate rapidly changing features and help develop testing protocols that are more thorough, efficient and effective.

A different category of testing equipment, these custom designed units with a user-configurable package are used for board level or partially assembled modules. Our proprietary interface design makes interchanging devices fast and effortless.

Interior Components Testers

Using a state of the art design which incorporates manufacturability and testability standards Interior Components Testers enable a faster manufacturing cycle, allowing the customer to bring products to the market faster:

– Airbag Testing
– Center and Overhead Console Funtional Test and Vision Inspection
– Door, Seat Ventilation and Heating Modules Functional Testing
– Headliner Funtional Testing
– HVAC Modules Funtional Testing
– Instrument Panel Functional Testing
– Interior Switch Functional Testing and Vision Inspection
– Transmission Control Module Functional Testing
– Full Seating System Functional Testing including functionality of seat components such as seat airbag, seat motion, seat belt buckle, seat occupancy recognition, seat heaters, seat ventilation, seat track and motor, seat recliner and headrest adjustment.

Custom Test Automation

Falcon specializes in the design and manufacturing of Custom Test Automation for low and high volume production testing. Our custom systems include testing of components and/or modular assemblies from PCB level prototype to large complex final assembly operations and everything in between. These custom test platforms have been used for both engineering evaluation and production test.

Falcon can provide our customers with the right test automation solution, whether non-robotic, robotic or fully automated, to meet their schedule and budget in order to get products to their customers faster.