Laser Applications
Material Handling
Machine Tending
Material Removal
Inspection & Vision Systems


Falcon develops and builds production assembly systems ranging from stand alone operator assist stations to fully automated assembly lines specifically customized to our customers requirements. Falcon’s assembly systems represent an integration of advanced robotics,¬† vision and force sensing systems, customized end-of-arm tooling, flex tooling fixtures, marking equipment and conveyor systems working in harmony to offer safe and reliable manufacturing processes:

– Indexing Dial Tables
– Welding (Ultrasonic, Mig, Spot, Spin or Laser)
– Friction Spot Joining
– Part, Subassembly or Full Assembly Fixtures
– Surface Treatment
– Heatstaking, Adhesive Application & Curing
– Drilling, Piercing, Shearing, Crimping, Stapling & Stiching
– Pneumatic, Hydraulic or Servo Press Laminating, Punching & Trimming
– Induction Heating
– Inspection and Testing Systems
– Robotic Applications
– Riveting, Insertion, Screw Torque Guns
– Force, Compression, Gap and Tension Monitoring
– Product Conveying, Palletizing, Wrapping and Packing


Falcon delivers cost effective solutions for dedicated and production welding systems which incorporate the latest welding technologies. Our team has the experience to supply new welding systems or retrofit used equipment, and even reconfigure current equipment to match compatibility of a new project. We provide stand alone units, single/dual robotic flex cells, hybrid weld systems and complete tooling solutions:

– Ultrasonic Welding
– Spot and Friction Spot Welding
– MIG & TIG Welding


We have state-of-the-art dispensing technologies at our disposal. Dispensing with a variety of applications and materials, Falcon has your dispensing solution ready to go:


Rod Positive Displacement
Progressive Cavity
Time Pressure


Laser Applications

Laser applications are predominantly used in metal to metal joining processes and it’s gaining traction in welding of plastic components. Falcon applies use of laser in:

– Ablation
– Cutting
– Cleaning
– Trimming
– Part ID Marking
– Welding

Material Handling

Falcon specializes in the custom design and quality build of automated material handling systems with a focus on customers from industries ranging from automotive to electronics, consumer goods, furniture, medical, food and beverage:

– Robotic or Servo Pick and Place
– Conveyor (Power and Free, Precision Indexing, Programmable)
– Packaging
– Linear Transfer
– Destacker/Feeder

Machine Tending

Falcon considers the machine-robot compatibility in the integration of a Machine Tending system in your operations, with a focus on floor management, safety, quality, complete maintenance and operator access, tool changing, inspection and verification, parts tracking, the choice of end-effector (grip force and payload), part tracking and precision in execution:

– Loading and unloading of CNC Machines
– Loading and unloading of injection mold product
– Unloading of hot forging presses
– Bin-storage of forged parts
– Door Panel Assembly
– Stamping, Trimming, Cutting, Grinding, Dispensing, Punching and Piercing
– Tube Bending

Material Removal

Falcon designs and manufactures stand alone and fully automated  Material Removal systems which provide efficient and safe processes that meet or exceed customer requirements:

– Grinding
– Shearing
– Punching
– Sawing
– Routing
– Drilling
– Piercing
– Cutting


Flexible and reliable robotic solutions for manufacturers from various fields, including automotive, medical, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, warehousing, distribution and fulfillment. Our robotic solutions maximize efficiency and reduce labor costs through increased reliability, order tracking, process speed and workplace safety:

– Palletizing & Depalletizing
– Mixed order fulfillment
– Tote Handling
– Case Packing & Unpacking


Cleanroom Automation Systems are increasingly demanded by customers from automotive, medical and consumer electronics industries. Falcon provides Cleanroom automation solutions which can help you attain your conformance goals by using robots and equipment suitable for ISO Class 1, 2 and 5 clean room classification while achieving great speed and repeatibility:

– Semiconductor
– Electronics
– Solar Panels
– Pharmaceutical
– Medical Devices Sterilization

Inspection & Vision Systems

The use of advanced Vision Systems gives today’s manufacturers the ability to balance and address the importance of conformance, competitivenes and quality requirements. Falcon employs vision systems in various applications:

– Robot Guidance & Alignment
– Part tracking
– Barcode Reading, Traceability & Print Detection
– Character Recognition
– Defect Detection
– Tolerance and Dimensional Inspection
– Part Presence, Position and Orientation