About Our Company

Falcon Hi Tec International, Inc. is a full service provider of Automation Solutions, Engineering Services, Advanced Manufacturing Systems, Test Automation, Robotic Cells , Turnkey Controls, Custom Machinery and Manufacturing Products and Services to the automotive industry, electronics manufacturers, energy companies, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, furniture, medical device manufacturers, food and beverage, power generation and nuclear sectors.

Automation Solutions

The formula to Falcon Hi Tec International, Inc.‘s constant success revolves around our organization’s abilities to control and manage its resources and capabilities to achieve all of our customers’ project goals and objectives while honoring their primary constraints: scope, time, quality and budget.

In order for our customers to enjoy a high level of customer service, support and reliability we offer a unique range of engineered solutions designed, built and tested with a focus on customer requirements while continuing to develop new technology and applications that enhance our competitive edge.

Focus on Collaboration

Falcon Hi Tec International, Inc. promotes a culture of innovation and is committed to eliminating waste, costly duplication of efforts and production start-up problems for our customers. We accomplish this by providing proprietary technologies and the simultaneous development and delivery of world class equipment from a single source through integrated subcontracts.

We work with our customers at every stage of the project. We look at the bigger picture and how we can help our customers achieve their manufacturing goals. Our view on collaboration is the foundation of our desire to deliver innovative solutions that enable our clients to meet their profitability and quality objectives.

Strategic Partnerships

We are pursuing growth both organically and through strategic partnerships in order to scale a leading position in strategic customer segments with technology leadership.

Preferred Kawasaki Robotics integrator
Authorized ST Robotics integrator

These partnerships bring extended capabilities, technologies, customer relationships, and market expertize while enhancing the position of Falcon Hi Tec International Inc. to meet the rigorous demands of expanding and globalizing automation platforms that have been straining manufacturers worldwide. Our expertise in the design and build of custom assembly and test automation, robotic applications, material handling and welding systems for the automotive and general industries, will enable both companies to continue develop pioneering products in line with market trends and customer demands while giving the customer increased support and service availability.


Falcon Hi Tec International, Inc.‘s in-house capabilities provide our customers with project management attributes defined by single source responsibility which in turn leads to project integrity and superior results. Our combination of machine building abilities, small, medium and large automation systems integration experience, and software design  competency under one roof enables Falcon Hi Tec International Inc. to design, develop, integrate, implement and build Specialized and Custom Automation Solutions to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Falcon Hi Tec International, Inc.
designs, develops and builds:

  • Automated Assembly, Welding and Dispensing Systems
  • Custom Tooling and Fixtures
  • Test Automation
  • Robotic Applications
  • Advanced Manufacturing Systems
  • Material Handling, Palletizing and Machine Tending Systems
  • Specialized and Custom Machinery
  • Inspection and Vision Systems

In addition to the above mentioned capabilities our
company also supplies Engineering Services
& Manufacturing Products:

  • Project Management
  • Mechanical and Electrical/Controls Design
  • PLC Control Integration and Robot/ PLC Programming
  • Motion Control
  • Field Startup, Integration and Commissioning
  • Turnkey Controls
  • Control Panel Design and Build
  • Product Design and Development
  • Prototype Design and Build
  • End of Arm Tooling
  • Machining